Horizon Test Analysis


A characteristic difficulty faced by parents and students during Third Lyceum of high School is the inability to relate the student's professional interests to the appropriate university school. The Horizon Individual Analysis Program (Professional Interest Test) is the counseling process that helps students understand their professional interests, as reflected in the Horizon test, and relate them to the Greek university departments.

Suitable for


who want to discover their inclinations, to discuss the issues that concern them and to obtain valid information about the university schools, so that they are now able to draw up their individual development plan.


who want to help their children in the appropriate choice of studies, but also to understand the system of access to higher education and the professional outlets of university departments.

What is included

One meeting with a specialized career counselor, total duration 1½ hours


It lasts 1 ½ hours and includes the analysis of test results

Completion of psychometric tests, professional interests and job values and motivations

Access for a calendar year to the largest online Career counselling platform e-PamePanepistimio

As part of the counseling process, free telephone support is provided throughout the year to parents and students, so that we can answer any question that may arise.

Additional information material

The reporting of results of psychometric test in electronic format

Useful research and any other information material needed


The HORIZON test Analysis Program manages to:

Enable students to discover their inclinations and professional interests.

know the professional perspectives and choices to which each department leads.

validly inform parents and students about the schools and departments offered in higher education.

prioritize their choices according to their wishes and set a specific goal for the national exams.

The above program does NOT include the completion of the University Preference sheet (Mechanographikο)


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