The right person in the right studies.

This is not just a slogan. It is the main purpose of the operation of Orientum.


Our goal, since the foundation of the company, is to help young people get all the necessary qualifications and knowledge, in order to devise the appropriate strategy for them that will help them make their dreams come true and achieve their goals.

The complex and ever-changing system of access to Higher Education and especially the lack of valid information on the subject of university institutions makes the need for scientific guidance in career choice imperative.

Our vision is focused on a goal that seems simple but remains something extremely difficult, especially in our country. "No student without the appropriate professional orientation."

Our values

Above all we believe in human beings. Every human being hides many abilities within himself, which he has not yet discovered. Human power has no limits, but often this power has not been activated or does not know where to direct it. We believe that with the right guidance the student will succeed in discovering himself, highlighting his potential and evolving.

In order to succeed in this anthropocentric approach, we remain daily committed to our fundamental values.

  • Morality
  • Scientificity
  • Reliability
  • Innovation & Evolution
  • Giving


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