Career Counseling Program for the children of employees

The future is our children!

A personalized counseling process that is addressed to students of all grades of Lyceum and is offered as a benefit by a company. This process guides the student to choose the appropriate studies, according to his inclinations, interests and skills. It can be adapted to the needs or logic of a company to help students understand the importance of the company their parents work for and if they are interested in thinking about their future in a particular employment field.

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It is determined depending on the format of the program (may include 1 or 2 meetings, group seminar, etc.). The meetings are held, preferably, in a suitable space of the company, in order to enhance the sense and importance of the corporate benefit to the employee's family.


Meeting with a specialized career guidance consultant.


The duration of the meeting varies depending on the format of the program

Completion of psychometric tests.

Access for a calendar year to the largest online platform e-PamePanepistimio

Twelve-month telephone support for students and parents

Advantages for companies

This is a unique opportunity for the company to offer employees and their children an experience that they will remember and spread for many years. The career guidance program fits perfectly with the logic of corporate social responsibility or can be presented as a form of reward / gift to employees.

The program can be adapted to the profile of each company, presenting to students the professional outlets, which they could find through the company itself, where the parent works. .

The program is also carried out via video conference - ZOOM


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