What we offer

We offer professional guidance
& career counseling.

What is career counseling?

Career Counseling is the counseling process, addressed to students of all grades of Lyceum, which helps them to explore and understand their professional interests and personality traits. This process guides the student choosing the appropriate studies, according to his inclinations, interests and skills.

Orientum counselors, through one-to-oneinterviews and the use of psychometric tests (professional interests & personality), help students in a reliable and scientific way. The career counseling program emphasizes on obtaining students and parents comprehensive information about the university schools that meet their preferences and to be equipped with all the necessary qualifications to achieve their academic goal.


Why choose Orientum?

Orientum helps over 2,000 students each year to choose their studies and profession. We base our approach on personal engagement with each individual individually, on the use of scientific psychometric tools and on valid information.

ΕWe are experts! Yes, we do not hide that we are pioneers, experienced, excellent connoisseurs of the subject, we use science and we are constantly evolving our services and products.

We think anthropocentrically and care about parents, students and our co-workers.

At Orientum we like to help people evolve their lives!


  • We guide with Inspiration and Motivation
  • We keep you up-to-date on trends with continuous and valid information
  • We respect the diversity, the needs, the skills and the particularities of each individual
  • We discover the ideal path, with a personal approach and suggest the right choices and their alternatives
  • We are seeking for continuous development and improvement
  • We utilize technology
  • We pay attention to detail

This is how we manage to be the right person in the right studies!


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