Our History


ORIENTUM was founded by Spyros Michaloulis and Nikos Pavlakos in 2004. The company’s name originates from the Latin "Oriens", which means East and symbolizes the effort to help all young people at the dawn of their academic and professional career.


Since 2006 and for 16 consecutive years "PAME PANEPISTIMIO" is brought out, which is the most comprehensive study guide for all University institutions in the country.


Since 2007 we have been organizing events in collaboration with Secondary Education Tutoring Centers throughout Greece, with the aim of providing detailed information on all departments of the GREEK UNIVERSITIES and providing advice for the proper navigation of students in the complex system of Secondary Education.


Since 2008 we are more specialized in the field of psychometric tools. Having the scientific collaboration of university professors and doctors/researchers specialized in psychometry, we have constructed a series of psychometric tests (adapted to the Greek reality), which measure various characteristics of the individual (personality, professional interests, job values and motivations, skills, etc.).


In 2013 we emerged as one of the 3 best success stories in the energy of COSMOTE "Share your Success". The ten best success stories emerged from the online audience, while a specialized jury of COSMOTE, selected the three final winners.


«What they did not tell you at school about vocational guidance» | Spyros Michaloulis TEDxAUEB. Spyros Michaloulis talks on the TEDxAUEB stage about his own experience and how he found his true passion in life starting… from a plate of lentils!!! The video has gone viral and has exceeded 800,000 views!


«What they did not tell you at the University about the postgraduate and the labor market»-N.Pavlakos TedXLesvos. Nikos Pavlakos speaks on the stage of TedXLesvos and gives an answer to the very important question: Are the Panhellenic exams the beginning of a carefree life or the first of a series of milestones for our career?


In 2019 Orientum was awarded at the Educational Leader Awards for the TALENT ACADEMY - Student Preparation Program for the Labor Market. An extremely useful process of training candidates who wish to enter the labor market and are interested in strengthening their professional profile.


In collaboration with the company EPAFOS we have developed the largest and most complete online career counseling platform e-PamePanepistimio. A personalized information tool for students, parents, and educational organizations.