Help your students find the studies that suit them.

The Individual Career Counseling Program is a personalized counseling process for students of all grades of Lyceum. This process guides the student to choose the appropriate studies, according to his inclinations, interests, and skills.

Orientum counselors, through personal interviews and the use of psychometric tests (professional interests & personality), help students in a reliable and scientific way. In the individual Career Counseling program, the emphasis is on students and parents to obtain comprehensive information about the university schools that meet their preferences and to be equipped with all the necessary qualifications to achieve their academic goal.


It is determined depending on the form of the program, the student's class, etc. The meetings take place in the area of the educational organization or online.


Meeting with a specialized career counselor.


The duration of the meeting varies depending on the format of the program

Completion of psychometric tests.

Access for a calendar year to the largest online platform e-PamePanepistimio

Twelve-month telephone support for students and parents


To help the educational organization to provide a specialized service to its students.

To provide students with valid and timely information about the university schools and departments offered in higher education and the professional outlets offered.

To help students discover their inclinations and professional interests.

Students to prioritize their choices according to their wishes and set a specific goal, which they will seek to achieve through the national exams.

Για όσο διαρκούν τα έκτακτα μέτρα το πρόγραμμα θα πραγματοποιείται μέσω τηλεδιάσκεψης - ZOOM

The Individual Career Counseling Program is an opportunity for educational organizations, who want to offer something useful and extremely constructive to their students and parents. Attending a comprehensive career counseling program in the spaces of educational organization is an experience they will remember forever.


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