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Learning Style
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Discover your learning style and the teaching and studying approach that suits you best. Find out which method of interaction, comprehension and processing of stimuli or information is ideal for you by taking the 4LEARNING - Learning Style Questionnaire.

The test is taken entirely online

Simple questions

Immediate & reliable results

Take the 4LEARNING - Learning Style Questionnaire and:

Discover your learning style

Find out which method of teaching and studying suits you best

Find out what is your learning type (visual, auditory, reading, kinesthetic)

The 4LEARNING - Learning Styles & Preferences Questionnaire is a psychometric tool designed and developed in Greece. The questionnaire's main objective is to identify the student's learning types and learning preferences and to indicate the best suitable methods to achieve the most effective way of teaching and studying. The questionnaire creators, after carefully studying the modern international and Greek psychometric scene with regards to learning styles, designed an entirely new measurement, aimed to satisfy, to the greatest extent possible, the continuous educational need for a detailed depiction of the students’ learning styles.

As a user, you will be asked to answer 40 simple questions which do not require special knowledge. The results you will receive immediately after submitting your answers will indicate the learning style (visual, auditory, reading, kinesthetic) that best describes you.

The 4LEARNING - Learning Styles & Preferences Questionnaire contains 9 sub-scales, which evaluate your study preferences in terms of the external learning environment. These scales will assess your preferences regarding the reception of information in terms of: 1. the intensity of external sounds, 2. the level of brightness, 3. the room temperature, 4. the spatial organization of the learning environment, 5. your participation or not in a group (class or team), 6. the presence or absence of a teacher, 7. the intake of food or fluids during the learning process, 8. the best time to assimilate information, and 9. the degree of mobility.

Responsible for the development of the 4LEARNING Questionnaire is Dr Ioannis Tsaousis, Assistant Professor in Psychometrics in the Department of Psychology, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece. He graduated from the Faculty of Psychology of the University of Crete, completed his M.Sc. Degree in Research Methodology and Statistics in Psychology at the University of Reading and, as a fellow of the SSF, received his Ph.D. Diploma in Psychometry from the University of London - Goldsmith's College. Today he is a Professor of Psychometry at the Department of Psychology of the University of Crete.

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