Profiler, a Traits Personality Questionnaire, is the first personality test to be developed exclusively in the Greek language. It has been designed to assess the five major personality dimensions in accordance with the Big-Five theory. By evaluating these five dimensions, we can describe as well as analyze the human personality as it is expressed through the daily interaction of the individual with its milieu (family, work, social activities, etc.)

Profiler was created based on the definitions of the most widely acceptable dimensions in the Big Five theory (Extraversion, Neuroticism, Openness to Experience, Agreeableness and Conscientiousness) as these were defined by Costa & McCrae (1992); at the same time, it takes into account the specific national and cultural traits of the Greek population. Profiler has been standardized to fit the Greek population. The questionnaire standardization was based on the answers provided by over 2.000 people, while separate norms have been developed (T-scores and percentiles) for both men and women.

Profiler measures 30 personality traits overall (Sociability, Self-Confidence, Adventurousness, Positive Emotions, Anxiety, Imagination, Aesthetics, Ambitions, Self-Discipline, etc.)

Profiler’s main advantages are as follows:

  • Available on-line, thus allowing anyone to fill it in at any time and on any computer with an Internet connection.
  • Results are available directly after the completion of the test in a pdf file.
  • Assesses 30 personality traits overall, which are described in detail in short paragraphs, so as to be easily comprehended by students, parents and teachers.
  • The Organization using the test can be the overall administrator of passwords and distribute them to students.

The person responsible for developing the questionnaire is Dr. Ioannis Tsaoussis, Psychologist. He graduated from the Psychology Faculty at the University of Crete, completed his MSc in Research Methodology and Statistics at the University of Reading, UK, and after receiving a scholarship by the Greek State Scholarships Foundation (ΙΚΥ), obtained his PhD in Psychometrics from the University of London– Goldsmith’s College. He is currently an Assistant Professor in Psychometrics at the University of Crete, Department of Psychology.

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