• “Finally …. A book with all the information we need for the vocational guidance of our child! All of our students’ parents are enthusiastic, realizing how useful ORIENTUM’s Studies Guide is. We, too, as a “Frontistirio” (Private Tutoring School), have in our hands a precious tool that enables us to counsel candidates in the best and most responsible way. Printing it with our logo and giving it to our students has been the best publicity – offering added value to our Frontistirio … We thank you…”

    Andreas Mavromatis Director of Education MORFOSSI Educational Centre
  • “Before going to Orientum, I already had in mind a school which interested me, but I wanted to be sure about this choice and also to have a back-up option in case my grades weren’t good enough. With the tests, I found out not only the professions that suited me best but also several aspects of my character and personality. With my counsellor’s encouragement and guidance I got into the school I wanted, and I’m now preparing for university life with lots of dreams!! Thank you so much!”

    Valentina Triandafilidou, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Thessaloniki
  • “I have been an ERASMUS student in Sweden since August!! I haven’t been to Greece since then, and things here are fantastic!! Sometimes I think how difficult it was for me to go to Cyprus, and then I think about all the things I’ve done since then and how much I’ve grown!! And it really has been the best thing I’ve ever done in my life up to now! A special thanks to you! I hope you are well and that you keep doing what you do with the same enthusiasm!!”

    Katerina Pata, Faculty of Nursery Teachers, Cyprus