“ORIENTUM - Career Counselors LTD” is a Greek company specializing in career counselling. It was founded in 2004 and since then, Orientum has helped more than 10,000 high school and university students decide on their academic and career choices.
The company’s name derives from the Latin word «oriens» and symbolizes the owners’ effort to help young people plan their educational and career paths in the beginning of their professional life.

Orientum’s services include personalized career counselling for each individual. To enhance the scientific and integrated aspect of this process, Orientum has developed its own psychometric tools assessing various individual traits relevant to career development, such as Horizon and Profiler.

Horizon is a psychometric tool which includes all the vocational categories and degrees the person is interested in; Profiler is a personality trait questionnaire. Our psychometric tools are applicable to both young people and adults that wish to discover their interests and career personality as well as companies which can apply them in personnel selection and appraisal processes.

Orientum has associated its name with the best knowledge of the Greek educational system both in secondary and higher education. In an attempt to expand the line of its products, Orientum publishes every year, since 2006, the “Greek University Guide” a book which has been acknowledged as the most complete guide on Greek universities and technological institutes. In addition, the company publishes the “Greek Private Tertiary Institutions Guide”, a book which includes all the necessary information on international colleges operating in Greece.

One of the main Orientum’s services is planning and presenting career counselling events. Orientum provides this service to private tutoring schools and academic institutions all over Greece, aiming at providing detailed information on university and technological education institute departments (AEI & TEI) as well as counselling on the different directions and interrelations within the Greek educational system.

In addition to its effort for knowledge transfer, Orientum publishes career-related articles in the local and national press, TV and radio. Orientum’s active involvement in social networks such as Facebook, Twitter etc. reinforces its effort to be in direct contact with its customers, answer their questions on career development and provide them with all the updates and changes of the educational system.

Our vision is to be able to respond to every vocational guidance aspect. To achieve this, Orientum has a very active psychometric department, developing and adapting psychometric tools on vocational guidance. In collaboration with academics and PhD career experts, Orientum has developed a scientific department that constantly researches all aspects of career counselling.

In this context, Orientum also expands its activities by participating in EU projects, such as the Career Guide network (www.career-guide.eu), always looking for new methods to upgrade career counselling services.