Our counselling services aim at helping young people obtain all the necessary skills and knowledge in order to develop a strategy which is suitable for them and helps them realize their dreams and goals.

The complicated system for getting into institutions of Tertiary Education, combined with the lack of information concerning the courses and academic programmes offered by universities and technological institutes, clearly underline the students’ need for timely information, and for help in discovering their professional inclinations and skills, drawing up a clear strategy and gaining motivation, all with the goal of choosing the right career.

In order to meet these needs, Orientum has established the following series of objectives…

…. Ongoing and accurate information
Ongoing research into the country’s educational system and the creation of modern psychometric tools to assist young people in making the wisest and best-informed decisions regarding their academic or professional future.

….Continual development
The creation of useful products and services to cover all of our clients’ needs


….Total client satisfaction
Ongoing, close communication between our team of counselors and the clients, in order to quickly address any questions or worries they might have and to clarify issues of vocational guidance.


….Promoting the meaning of vocational guidance and entrepreneurship among young people
Participation of our company’s staff at conferences, seminars and events involving issues of entrepreneurship and career planning. Our proposals are designed to present the opportunities available for young people to create their own business, while also providing a detailed presentation of the value of vocational guidance and career counselling.