Career Day” is an event organized by Orientum – Career Counsellors in collaboration with public schools, private tutoring institutions, municipalities and other bodies throughout Greece. During the event, students and their parents obtain all the necessary information about tertiary education faculties and departments and the professions available at the job market, they are informed about their professional rights as graduates of the various departments and acquire useful information for the correct filling in of the Greek Application Form for University Admission.

The event is addressed to all Senior High School students, parents and everybody interested in being fully informed about the Universities and Technological Institutes in Greece.

Main agenda of the event:

  • How to choose a faculty or department
  • How to choose a specialization direction in high school
  • Program of courses in university departments
  • Graduates’ professional rights
  • Postgraduate programmes
  • Prospects of each faculty or department

The event lasts 3-4 hours overall and is fully interactive. Students and parents have the opportunity to pose questions throughout the event but also at the end. Also, all students receive a printed copy of the presentation.

“Career Day” has a twofold objective:

  • Students acquire all the necessary information and tools in order to make the right decision for the university department/faculty and the profession of their choice
  • Educational institutions have the opportunity to provide a useful service to students and their parents, by reinforcing the positive image of their institution and attracting new clients.