Career Counselor, M.Sc, Managing Parnter - Co-Founder

Born in January 1977 and grew up in Messina Messinia. He studied at the Department of Education of the Aegean University in Rhodes from 1995 to 2000. He then attended the postgraduate entitled "Counseling and Vocational Guidance"' Masters program at the National Kapodistrian University of Athens and graduated in June 2003. In November 2002 took over the organization of vocational guidance services Arsakeia schools of Athens and remained in Filekpedeutiki Company as a carerr counselor until June 2004. In September 2004 he founded the Orientum - Career counselors with Spyros Michalouli.

From 2006 onwards, he wrote together with his research group, the book "GREEK UNIVERSITY GUIDE" issued every year. Also making speeches to students and parents each year in all parts of Greece, on issues concerning education, course selection and the labor market. He is the scientific coordinator of the group of career counselors of Orientum and oversees the construction and adaptation of psychometric tools manufactured by the company, in cooperation with the respective heads of scientific test. Periodically, plans and supervises the implementation of various projects implemented by the company in cooperation with companies or other organizations on issues related to skills in the labor market, staff recruiting, developing technical workforce education and development, with a choice of undergraduate or postgraduate studies, to surveys etc. Finally, in everyday life ​​deals with the company's management.

He is member of the Hellenic Association of Vocational Guidance, the Greek Society of Counselling and Vocational Guidance and his professional interests revolve around writing books, the psychometry, the research design and data analysis.