The book “Greek University Guide 2016” is a comprehensive guide which contains detailed information about: (a) all university departments in Greece, and (b) university graduates’ prospects. It has been available since December 2015 and is addressed to secondary and higher education students, parents and teachers who want to help young people acquire accurate information on the higher education faculties and departments. It is now published for the 6th consecutive year and has been very successful with the Greek public.

The aim of the book is twofold:

  • For students and their parents to obtain all the necessary information on the precise curriculum guides of the various higher education departments and the professional rights connected to each of these departments. In this way, each student is able to properly prioritize the university departments when he is asked to fill in the “Mihanografiko” (University Admissions Application Form).
  • For the secondary educational institutions to offer their students the most detailed study guide with the most comprehensive and high quality information on higher education departments and faculties.


The book presents detailed information on:

  • The curriculum guide of the various university and technological institute faculties and departments
  • Indicative courses taught in each department
  • The postgraduate programs offered by each department
  • Graduates’ professional rights
  • The equivalent departments, in case one student is entitled to follow his/her studies at the city of his/her permanent residence for socioeconomic reasons
  • Useful information on the national competitions for getting a position in the public sector
  • Useful statistic data: minimum number of necessary points for entering each university department, number of students admitted, most popular departments, etc.
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